KOSINET Members Web & FTP Services


KOSINET includes 5MB of space on our web server for use as a web page, FTP site, or both.  Additional space may be purchased by contacting us at 522-4001, or e-mail us at help@kosinet.com.


Please Note: Any content we deem unethical, objectionable, or illegal will be not be permitted on our servers and will be immediately removed.


Your personal web space is located at www.members.kosinet.com/yourusername 


If you are logging in with an *FTP utility, you would use ftp://members.kosinet.com/username.  To access your web page from a web browser, you would use http://members.kosinet.com/username.  All user folders are secured such that the owner of the folder is able to write to the folder or change it’s contents, but anyone may read, or “see” it’s contents.  When attempting to login to the web server, please use your KOSINET username and password (the same one you use for dial-up and e-mail).


Publishing from Macromediaä Dreamweaver publish string: members.kosinet.com default folder: username. 


We are not running Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions on this server.  However, we do support Active Server Pages (ASP), which means that you can publish web pages with Microsoft FrontPage.  You must tell FrontPage (or any other web publishing software) to publish via FTP and your web page should display correctly.  The FTP address to publish your web page to is the same as mentioned above – ftp://members.kosinet.com/username.



Microsoft FrontPage Express is included in Internet Explorer 5.  IE5 is a free download from Microsoft’s web page at http://www.microsoft.com/ie.


FrontPage Server Extensions provide added functionality in web pages, such as e-mail forms.  Some of these features are available internally to Microsoft FrontPage, but will not function on our personal web server, (Other forms of scripting are available). If this functionality is required for your page, please contact us and we can discuss some of our web hosting services.


There are many shareware and freeware FTP utilities available on the Internet.  One of the more popular shareware utilities is CuteFTP.  A demo version of this and many other FTP programs is available from C-Net’s http://www.download.com.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at 522-4001 or e-mail us at help@kosinet.com.